Get the Flawless Foundation You Love

Tips and Tricks to Get the Flawless Foundation You Love with Nature’s Blender Blending Sponges

You know you love the way it feels when you face the world with perfectly applied makeup. That feeling of confidence is impossible to duplicate, but have you ever found it difficult to obtain that precisely polished look? With the help of a blending sponge (like our Nature’s Blender), you can transform your face into a pristine canvas fit for the finest cosmetics. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make the most out of these little sponges when applying liquid foundation.

Blending Sponge Tips and Tricks

Preparing Your Sponge

Properly prepping your sponge is an often overlooked step to achieving a flawless foundation. Before you start applying foundation, soak your Nature’s Blender in warm water. Let it have a nice long drink: you’ll know it’s ready when it doubles in size. When it’s nice and puffy, gently squeeze out the extra water. You’ll end up with a puffy, bouncy sponge that’s damp but not dripping.

Pick Your Foundation Well

The right foundation is one of the keys to getting the most out of your blending sponge. When picking out your foundation, pay close attention to its consistency. You want a foundation that’s liquid, but not too thin. Try applying a small amount of foundation to the top of your hand, then raise it upwards. If the foundation runs like water, it’s too thin for the sponge. Instead of giving you the coverage you’re looking for, it will simply sink into your blender. No good. Stick with a foundation that’s slightly thicker.

Blending Your Foundation

Here’s where the magic happens. Use your fingers to tap a small amount of your chosen foundation evenly around your face. Then, use the widest part of your blender to work it into your skin. A continuous pushing and pulling motion will give you the best coverage. Keep your motions quick to make sure your foundation doesn’t dry out on your skin. If things do start to get a little dry, though, no worries: just use a swiping motion to spread it out more evenly.


Care For Your Sponge

Now that you’ve used your Nature’s Blender to create a perfect foundation, it’s time to show your sponge a little love. Just like before, soak your used sponge in water, and then squeeze out any extra. Use a little shampoo and water to clean out the remaining foundation, then let your sponge air dry on a towel. Be consistent with this care and your sponge will stay by your side for a long time.

Bonus Tip: Use Your Blender As an Eraser!

While our sponges are primarily used for blending foundation, there’s plenty of other ways you can work them into your beauty routine. If you’ve ever gotten a little too heavy with the blush or are noticing foundation lines, there’s no need to start over. Just use a dry sponge as an eraser. Gently drag it over the cosmetics you wish to remove, and watch them disappear without a trace.

Nature’s Blender blending sponges are a natural, safe, and rewarding tool to help you bring out your natural beauty. With a little care and know-how, you’ll get the look you want every time. Enjoy!