Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments: 5 Natural Options

The holidays are right around the corner, so it’s time to trim that tree! While glittery plastic baubles and mass-produced ornaments are an easy go-to, homemade Christmas tree ornaments give your home a sense of originality and tranquility you can’t create any other way. Natural homemade tree ornaments are even better: they’re one of a kind decorations that are as kind to the earth as they are pleasing to the eye. Not sure where to get started? Here are our five favorite ideas.

5 Natural Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

  1. Orange Pomander: “Orange pomander” is just a fancy way to say “an orange decorated with cloves.” Find a nice, bright orange, a handful of cloves, a rubber band, and a nice piece of ribbon or string. Place the rubber band around the middle of your orange and use it to guide you as you make an even ring of cloves. It may help to use a nail to make a small hole in the fruit before placing each clove. Move the rubber band as needed to create your pattern, or skip the elastic altogether and go freehand. When you’re done, tie a ribbon around your orange and hang on a sturdy branch.
  2. Stained Glass Cookies: A pretty and tasty decorating treat! Using a basic cookie mix, a variety of cookie cutters, and crushed hard candies you can create an attractive and colorful ornament. Use this recipe [http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/stained_glass_cookies/], or substitute in your own to end up with tasty edible ornaments your tree and your family are sure to enjoy.
  3. Dried Local Fruit: Apples and citrus both make for gorgeous natural Christmas tree ornaments. When you cut an apple in half horizontally you’ll find that the five seed cavities form a star – perfect for Christmas! Sliced citrus takes on an almost translucent quality as it dries, creating a lovely stained glass effect. Dehydrate your fruit slices in an oven set at 150 degrees for 10 hours or in a food dehydrator. Use a needle to thread string or ribbon through each slice once they’re dry.
  4. Citrus Baskets: This homemade ornament is great to make before snack time or when putting together a fruit salad. Cut a few oranges in half and scrape out the fruit. Allow the skin to dry for a few hours in a low oven, then use a needle to thread three strings through the peel’s edge at equal intervals. Tie the string together, making sure your ‘basket’ hangs level, then fill it with little edibles or aromatics. Tiny nuts or pinecones, spices, and potpourri are all adorable fillers – let your imagination go wild!
  5. Pine Cones: If you live in an area where pinecones are plentiful, they make for a gorgeous and environmentally friendly way to decorate your tree. A nice plump pinecone looks lovely on its own, but if you really want to add some sparkle try coating it with spray adhesive and dipping it in glitter. Tie a loop of string around the stem, then attach a big ribbon for a lovely natural ornament you can reuse year after year.

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Celebrate the Holidays Naturally

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t mean you have to fill your tree with plastic ornaments that could be harmful to the earth. Try creating an all-natural Christmas tree with homemade christmas tree ornaments this year – it’s sure to be one you remember.