Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin in Perfect Condition

The new year is here, and you’re ready to face it with glowing, gorgeous skin. Whether you’re still rocking that summer glow or have been taking some time off over the holidays to rest and enjoy good company, you’re feeling great about your skin. Now the question becomes “how do I keep this new year feeling all year long?” Use these tips to keep your complexion flawless throughout the coming year.

Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Complexion in Perfect Condition

Establish a Routine: Nothing keeps skin in amazing shape like a regular routine. Use the new year as a starting point to create your own skincare rhythm. Think back over the last year: what worked well for your skin, and what didn’t? If you’re happy with your routine, keep it up. If you’re not, get rid of the techniques that just weren’t working for you. If you didn’t have any type of routine at all, now’s the time to start one. Check out our Five Minute Facial Routine – it’s a great way to get started.

Throw Out the Old: The new year is the perfect time to clear out your shower and bathroom sink. Get rid of all of the moisturizers, shower gels, shampoos, facial cleansers, soaps, and anything else that isn’t giving your skin the treatment it deserves. Take a good look at the ingredients lists to determine if a given object contains chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your skin. This is also a great time to get rid of those almost-empty bottles that have been cluttering up your bathroom for months (you know you have them!).

Welcome in the New: Now that you’ve gotten rid of all the products that aren’t helping your skin, it’s time to play around with something new. Celebrate the new year by taking care of yourself in ways you haven’t considered before. Try a new way to moisturize your skin (like our aloe vera gel). Whip up a homemade shampoo or soap recipe for yourself or a friend. Relax with that face or hair mask someone gave you for the holidays. Get a little outside of your comfort zone and you’ll find plenty of things your skin will love.

Give Yourself a Treat: Great skin comes from great self-care. If you want to keep your skin in perfect condition throughout 2016, you’ll need to take some time out for yourself. This could mean setting aside more time to sleep, making yourself a nourishing smoothie in the morning, or taking a meditation break during a long day of work. Your skin will reflect your overall wellbeing. Take great care of yourself and your complexion will follow.

Whether it’s a new natural skincare product or a long-awaited change in your routine, the new year is the perfect time to adjust how you take care of your skin.