Surprising Ways You’re Becoming Prone to Acne

Nothing ruins a good day like an acne breakout. Talking about acne doesn’t always make your day better either, especially when you start getting into its causes. Excess oil production, dead skin cells, clogged pores… not pleasant. But you might also be prone to acne due to other slightly less expected factors. Here are just a few of them.

4 Surprising Ways You’re Becoming Prone to Acne

You’re Using a Cell Phone

Whenever you tap on your phone to open an app or send a text, you’re spreading germs, oil, and dirt all over it. Smoosh all of that griminess against your face and you increase your risk for acne, especially on your chin and cheek. A quick clean with an alcohol based wipe once a day can help keep your phone from affecting your skin.

You’re Eating Spicy Foods

A big dish of extra spicy Thai takeout is delicious, but it can also be why you’re having a breakout. Spicy foods often contain ingredients filled with acidic lycopene, a compound that can be very irritating to some people. This irritation throws off the skin’s pH, which can lead to a breakout. A spicy dinner can also make you sweat, which releases oils that can trap dirt and bacteria and lead to acne. There’s no need to give up on flavor altogether, though. If your food is making you sweaty, just wash your face after your meal.

You’re Stressed


If you’re an adult who experiences acne, there is a link between your stress levels and your breakouts. That’s because there’s a link between the cells that create the oils on your skin and your body’s stress hormones. When you start to feel stressed out, the cells start to produce more oils, and you have a much higher chance of clogged pores. Taking steps to manage your stress can help reduce breakouts, as well as provide lots of other great benefits for your health.

You’re Using the Wrong Cosmetics (or You’re Using Them the Wrong Way)

Cosmetics like primers, foundations, and concealers can all clog your pores and lead to breakouts. When shopping, keep an eye out for cosmetics that are free of fragrances and that are non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic cosmetics won’t block your pores, which is why they’re a good choice if you’re prone to acne.

Even if you have acne-friendly makeup, you might still have breakouts if you don’t apply it correctly. Massaging your makeup in with a heavy hand can cause unnecessary irritation that can lead to – you guessed it – breakouts. Instead, use our Nature’s Blender Blending Sponges to gently apply a coating of sheer or light coverage foundation. A blending sponge will help you get the even coverage you want without irritating your skin into breaking out.

Acne can be a pain, but with just a few adjustments you can reduce your number of breakouts. Enjoy your clearer, happier skin!