Top 7 Best Uses for Blending Sponges

Across America, thousands of women are chucking their brushes and pads in favor of blending sponges. These teardrop-shaped tools fit in the palm of users’ hands. They’ve become increasingly popular because they work magic for makeup and more. Beauty Editor writer Katrina Persad sings her praises for the power of the blending sponge in a 2013 article: “It makes every product I wear look infinitely better…Not to mention it helps me fake that magazine-perfect skin that’s the stuff of Photoshop.” Celebrity makeup artists have actually been blending products on actresses and models’ faces for years. At Earth’s Daughter, we offer natural, hypoallergenic blending sponges to transform your beauty regimen. These cosmetic contraptions are simple yet multifunctional. In the following blog, we cover the top seven best uses for blending sponges (and explain why we think ours are the best).

1. Applying Foundation

When used correctly, blending sponges can help you achieve flawless foundation coverage. First, you’ll need to dampen the device, wring out excess water, pump your favorite liquid foundation onto your hand, and dab it with the sponge. Next, you’ll simply stipple it across your entire face. What exactly is stippling? Birch Box explains that you should “bounce [the sponge] along the skin, pressing slightly on the surface…This motion blends while depositing makeup, which makes foundation look more like, well, skin.” Using your sponge to apply foundation can help you use only what you need, giving you a more natural appearance while saving product.

2. Concealing Imperfections

You can use the point of the blending sponge to do more detailed makeup work. Once you’ve applied your foundation, certain blemishes, scars, lines, and dark circles may still be visible. Blending sponges work with both dry and liquid concealer. For powdered products, you can simply coat the end of a dry sponge and gently tap it onto your face. For creamier concealers, you can wet your sponge and stipple away.

3. Rouging Your Cheeks

Having harsh lines, streaks, or uneven coverage is especially noticeable with the bright color of brush. For a natural hue, you can use your blending sponge with liquid rouge. The technique is the same as for foundation, except that you’ll concentrate on the apples of your cheeks (the parts that lift when you smile) and blend upward to define and flush your face.

4. Blending Eye Shadows

A sponge can help you create a fresh, doe-eyed look with your eye shadow. Once you draw on eyeliner and brush on your favorite colors, you can blend under-eye makeup or highlights with this implement for a subtle but beautiful appearance. We recommend using the blending sponge dry for this purpose.

5. Fixing Makeup Mistakes

We’ve all been there—you’re in a hurry and swipe blush across your brow or get a bit too heavy-handed with your concealer. Never fear—we all have aesthetic accidents, but you can reverse them with a blending brush. Birch Box writes: “Everyone has a makeup mishap now and then…Don’t panic or remove all of your makeup and start over.” All you have to do is use a blending sponge to wipe unwanted makeup off your face—“the texture of the dry sponge works as an eraser.”

6. Cleansing Your Face

Hydrating creams, anti-aging toners, and special serums can be expensive—even more so if you over-apply them. Your blending sponge can evenly distribute your skin care products like it does with your foundation. To better care for your skin and avoid breaking the bank, simply wet your sponge and stipple. (You could even use your sponge to put on our pure, cold-pressed Aloe Vera gel!).

7. Using Self-Tanner

Uniform coverage is key when it comes to bronzing your skin. No one wants to deal with a splotchy self tan or orangey streaks. Fortunately, a blending sponge is the perfect tool for applying tan-in-a-bottle products. Just use the stipple strategy to color your skin for a realistic, even tone.

The Benefits of Our Blending Sponges

In the past several years, numerous blending sponges have become available. At Earth’s Daughter, we’ve striven to create the best possible product for our conscientious customers. Our blending sponges are:

  • Each one lasts about two months.
  • Unlike other kinds, our blending sponges are hypoallergenic, non-latex, and dye-free.
  • Our natural, innovative design is great for sensitive skin.
  • Risk-free. You can return your sponges within 90 days if you’re unsatisfied.
  • A pack of three costs under $25 and lasts for six months.
  • In addition to their other advantages, Earth’s Daughter donates a minimum of five percent of our profits to deserving charities.

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