Why Our Blending Sponges Are Hypoallergenic

When you put on makeup, lotion, or cleanser, you want your face to feel fresh, clear, and beautiful. The last thing you need is itchy, red, irritated skin. According to Healthline, “more than half (54.6 percent) of the people reporting a survey completed in the U.S. indicated that they had positive reactions to one or more allergens.” In particular, Healthline notes: “there are approximately 5.7 million doctor visits each year due to contact dermatitis,” the allergic skin condition that can cause blisters, rashes, and burning, among other uncomfortable symptoms. Earth’s Daughter provides natural lifestyle products to help our customers lead happier, healthier lives. We make every effort to keep you safe and stunning. Read on to find out more about why we’ve designed our blending sponges to be hypoallergenic.

What Does “Hypoallergenic” Mean?

You’ve probably heard the term “hypoallergenic” bandied about, but what does it actually mean? Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines this word as: “having little likelihood of causing an allergic response.” This word originated in the mid-1950s, when manufacturers became wise to the fact that millions of Americans suffer from allergies or sensitivities. As such, they began designing their goods to limit these adverse effects. Nowadays, everything from textiles to pets is hypoallergenic, but this type of product is most prevalent in cosmetics. Many people swear by hypoallergenic brushes, blushes, pads, creams, and more. When we created our teardrop-shaped blending sponges, we wanted to them to be as healthy and nontoxic as possible, so we made sure they were hypoallergenic.

Limiting Your Latex Exposure

Latex, or rubber, is one of the most widely used materials on the market. Unfortunately, not everyone can tolerate it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one to six percent of the “general population” suffers from a latex allergy. The CDC further describes this condition: “people can become sensitized and develop allergic reactions to certain proteins in natural rubber latex…symptoms include skin redness, hives, and itching; more severe respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and asthma; and in rare cases, shock.” To make matters worse, increased exposure to latex increases its allergic risks: between eight and twelve percent of “health care workers” suffer from a latex sensitivity.

To reduce these risks, the CDC recommends health care workers and other sensitivity-prone individuals limit their contact with latex products. While it may not seem as severe as using rubber gloves every day, applying makeup with a latex-based sponge on a regular basis could cause you to become less tolerant to the material. If you do suffer from a latex allergy, “avoiding contact with latex products is essential, but may be quite difficult.” We strive to make our clients lives’ easier by providing completely latex-free blending sponges. You’ll never have to worry about suffering from annoying or damaging latex allergy symptoms when using our high quality products.

No Dyes

Many companies dye their cosmetic sponges to give them a more attractive appearance. However, these aesthetic additives can have a detrimental impact on your health. In her 2012 Forbes article, “Living in Color: The Potential Dangers of Artificial Dyes,” Rachel Hennessey explains: “The safety of products containing artificial colors has been a point of debate for decades….Around the turn of the 20th century, scientists began formulating synthetic colors, derived from coal tar…these synthetic alternatives have proven to have their own slew of problems.” Many of these dyes have been linked to cancer, migraines, anxiety, and contact dermatitis, among other conditions. Over the past hundred years, the FDA has whittled away at the number of “safe” and “acceptable” artificial colors, and “today only seven colors remain on the FDA’s approved list.” At Earth’s Daughter, we want to protect our customers from the harmful effects of dyes. We know you’d rather have safe, all-natural, tan sponges than neon-colored ones that could stain or irritate your skin.

Sensible and Soft

In to a 2011 study conducted by the International Society of Dermatology, 44.6 percent of nearly a thousand participants “declared having ‘sensitive’ or ‘very sensitive’ skin.” This “complex dermatological condition, defined by abnormal sensory symptoms” is often related to allergies. Our soft, suede-textured, hypoallergenic blending sponges are ideal for people with delicate or sensitive skin.

Order Your Hypoallergenic Blending Sponges Today

Now that you understand the benefits of hypoallergenic blending sponges, you can experience them firsthand. Our natural products are designed to be as easy on your skin as they are effective. If for some reason they don’t work for you, you can return them for a full refund within 90 days. Order your hypoallergenic blending sponges today!