Just Say "NO" To Green Goop

How do you pick the purest organic aloe vera gel for your face & skin?

Pure, Cold-pressed, Organic Aloe Vera Gel
A great aloe vera gel product contains 99.75% pure, cold-pressed, and organic inner leaf aloe vera gel. The consistency is more like a liquid than a gel. It goes on smooth, absorbs quickly, and isn't sticky. It can be worn as a daily toner, mixed with your favorite moisturizer, or used for any number of skin irritations such as itchy scalp, sunburns, dry skin, and scrapes + cuts.

What is cold pressed aloe vera?
Cold-pressing involves, well, pressing the juice out of vegetables and fruits, without using any heat in this process. The result is a thicker product with more vitamins and minerals. With aloe vera, the cold-pressing occurs after the inner leaf gel has been removed. It's then pressed and ground.

Earth's Daughter Organic Aloe Vera Gel
Out aloe gel is 100% natural, 99.75% pure, cold-pressed Aloe Vera made from organic plants. The remaining 0.25% are natural preservatives that are required to keep the product safe and fresh for use.

This thin gel goes on smoothly, spreads easily, and absorbs quickly with no sticky residue, leaving skin feeling silky and smooth. 

It can be used as a natural and safe alternative in moisturizing skin, hair, and cuticles. Makes a great after sun care and a great after shave, hair gel, or leave in conditioner. And it's also great for pets.
So just say NO to Green Goop !!